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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) For Recipients

In this article we cover how MFA can be enabled on your account for increased security, requiring an additional authentication method when logging into your digital wallet

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?
How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
How to Disable Multi-Factor Authentication
How to Reset MFA if the Authentication Device has been Lost

What is Multi-Factor Authentication? 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method which requires you to provide additional information before logging into your account. Rather than only asking for a username and password, MFA requires additional verification factors and decreases the likelihood of a successful cyber attack. Enabling MFA on your account is optional.

How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

1. Once logged into your account, navigate to Settings → Security →  Enable MFA

2. Using an authentication app, scan the QR code and input the one-time code provided by the authentication app to configure MFA
Note: Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator are recommended but other authentication apps can be used 

How to Disable Multi-Factor Authentication

1. Navigate to Settings → Security →  Disable MFA

2. After clicking ‘Disable Multi-Factor Authentication’, you will be prompted to confirm you wish to disable MFA.Check the checkbox to confirm and click ‘Disable’

3. Enter the one-time code from your authentication app to disable MFA

How to Reset MFA if the Authentication Device has been Lost

1. If you've lost the authentication device, you can click on ‘Lost access to your authentication device’ when prompted for the one-time code upon logging in:

2. Click "Reset Multi-Factor Authentication" and you will receive confirmation a reset link has been sent to your email address.


3. From your email, locate and click on the MFA reset link:


4. You will see confirmation that MFA has been disabled and will be directed back to the sign in page. Upon signing into your account, you can re-enable MFA with a new device if you wish.