My Certificate Design Isn't Saving, How Do I Fix This?

If you are trying to save a certificate design and you are seeing a warning pop-up, there is an easy fix.

Certificate Design Not Saving

If you have uploaded your own certificate design background and see this warning message when you try to save, there is a straightforward solution.

 Screenshot 2019-09-20 at 09.27.44

Why is this happening?

The reason the design is not saving is that there are no attributes on the certificate design. All certificate designs need attributes before they can be used; otherwise, the Accredible system will not drop the necessary information into the certificates these designs create.

How to Fix This

  1. Got to the 'Attributes' tab in the left-hand sidebar menu
  2. Drop in at least one attribute into the design. We suggest the 'Recipient Name' attribute.
  3. Save the design as normal.

If you are saving an incomplete design that you would like to come back to and finish later, so long as you have one attribute on the design, you will be able to do this.

If you are still getting this warning message or cannot save your design after adding an attribute to your design, please email

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