Can I control how to enroll recipients in a pathway?

Issuers, such as university degree programs or admission-based programs, can now select which learners are part of a Pathways Program.

Pathways Enrollment Enhancement

With Pathways Enrollment Enhancement, we allow issuers the opportunity to select either automatic enrollment, where all the recipients that complete a course in a pathway are then automatically enrolled in that pathway, or closed enrollment, where the issuer selects which participants from a list of eligible recipients should be enrolled in a pathway (e.g. those that have earned one credential in the pathway). 

Managing Recipients' Enrollment

Issuers can choose how they prefer to enroll their recipients when creating a new Pathway:

  • Automatic Enrollments: This option automatically enrolls any eligible recipient in a Pathway;
  • Closed Enrollments: This option allows the issuer to choose who to enroll in a Pathway from the eligible recipients.

How to manage Automatic and Closed Enrollments

Here's how issuers can manage the list of recipients enrolled in a Pathway:

  1. Click on 'Pathways' at the top of the Accredible Dashboard.
  2. On your list of published pathways, click 'Edit' on the pathway you want to manage, then select 'Manage Enrollment' to view all the recipients enrolled in it.

   3.  Click on the blue buttons to enroll/unenroll your recipients manually. To select specific users, you             can filter your recipients  by group or enrollment status.

   4.  If you need to enroll or unenroll your recipients in bulk, check the Eligible Recipient box at the top            of your recipients' list, then select 'Enroll Selected/Unenroll Selected' and click 'Yes'.

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"Will the Analytics keep track of the recipients I enroll in my pathway?"

We provide the ability to see analytics specifically associated with Issuer Enrollment from a drop-down selection on the Pathways Analytics page. Once this option is selected, the associated data will display:

      • Total Participants: all participants that have completed a credential AND have been Issuer Enrolled.

      • Completion: All participants that have completed all credential requirements AND have been Issuer Enrolled.

      • In Progress: All participants that have completed some of the requirements (minimum one) but not all requirements AND have been Issuer Enrolled.

For each node, calculations are based on completion of the node. Completion percentage will be count of node completion divided by total participants. 

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