What's the Best Certificate Background Image Size?

The size of the image you use for your certificate's background is important.

If the image is too small then it will make your certificate look awful, too large and the resulting certificate will take forever to load on a webpage and even fail to download! Here are the best pixel sizes to use for your certificate background images.

What Size is Your Certificate?

First, it depends on your desired paper size. Accredible Digital certificates match standard paper sizes so it is easy to create PDFs and for recipients to print their certificate if they choose to do so.

If the majority of your students are located in North or South America, you likely want to create your design as US Letter (8.5" x 11"). If the majority of your students are in the rest of the world (Europe, Asia, Africa) then you likely want to create your certificate design on A4 paper size.

You can select which size certificate design you want on the design editor, as long as you have not selected a text or image block


What Orientation is Your Design?

If you have chosen Landscape, you want a certificate that is wider than it is tall. Portrait is the same size of paper, oriented up and down.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 2.07.38 PM

Our Recommended MINIMUM sizes for your certificate background image -

US Letter (Landscape): 1056px x 816px. US Letter (Portrait): 816px x 1056px.

A4 (Landscape): 794px x 1123px. A4 (Portrait): 1123px x 794px.


Since these are minimum sizes, you can feel free to upload certificate background images larger than these dimensions to ensure crisp display on very high quality screens, or when printed by a certificate recipient.

Ensure that if your image is larger, you maintain the correct aspect ratio so that when your image gets resized on the certificate, it doesn't become distorted.


Considering High-Quality Printing?

If you want your recipients to have the option of printing their certificate at a professional printer, you will need to have a sufficiently high-resolution background image. As always, if you are providing a larger image, ensure that you maintain the correct aspect ratio in order to prevent distortion.

Our recommended minimum sizes for these background images -

US Letter (Landscape): 3418px x 2668px. US Letter (Portrait): 2668px x 3418px.

A4 (Landscape):3626px x 2598px. A4 (Portrait): 2598px x 3626px.

If your background is large enough for a high-quality print, we will assume your image has a bleed area - extra image around the edges that is designed to be cut off after printing. This ensures that your design can go right to the edges of the paper size, accounting for printers not being able to print right to the very edge of the paper. Make sure that if you want your design to reach the very edges of the page, turn bleed margins ON, and you keep specific details away from the edges of your design.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 2.08.11 PM

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