How Do I Request a Name Change?

If there is a typo in your name, the wrong name has been used, or you need part of your name added/removed, you will need to submit a name change request.


Important Note: Your request will be seen and processed faster if you submit a name change request rather than replying to the email your credential link was sent in. 

Sign In to Your Credential

The option to request a name change is not publicly available. You will need to prove you are the credential owner before you can make this request.

To sign in and access hidden options, follow our article: Access Hidden Options.

How to Request a Name Change

  1. Sign in to your credential as described in the article mentioned above.
  2. Along the bottom of the credential window, click the 'MORE' button.
  3. In the pop-up menu, select the 'Request a Name Change' option.
  4. Please enter the name as you would like it to appear in both fields.
  5. Click 'Request.'

    How Do I Request a Name Change

    What Happens Next

    You've requested a major change:

    If the name change you've requested is substantially different from the name that currently appears on your certificate, your request will be sent to your issuer (the school or company you earned your certificate from) for them to approve or deny your request.

    You've requested a minor change:

    If the name change you've requested is to fix a small typo and your issuer has given us permission to approve small changes, the system will automatically correct and update your certificate.

    Why Do I Have to Submit a Name Change Request?

    Submitting a name change request is better than emailing your issuer. This is because emails can go to the wrong people and get lost, whereas a name change request through the Accredible system goes straight to the correct person.

    Name change requests are important because they prevent someone from changing the name on your certificate to another person, potentially someone who did not rightfully earn the credential. We need your issuer to verify your request against their record before giving their approval to avoid this kind of fraud.

    How Long Will it Take?

    Please give your issuer at least 3 business days before following up on your request. After which, please contact, letting us know that your request has not yet been approved. We will forward the request to your issuer to follow up with them.

    Why Was My Request Denied?

    If your request is denied, it will be because your issuer does not have sufficient evidence to approve the request.

    If you believe that your name change was incorrectly denied, please contact your issuer directly, as that will be the quickest way to solve the issue. If all else fails, contact, and we will do our best to get a response from your credential issuer.

    Important Note: Once your name change is approved, it may not be reflected on your PDF immediately. Check out this article for guidance on how to resolve this: Why Is My Name Change Not Reflected on the PDF Download of My Credential?

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