How Can Recipients Retrieve Their Own Credentials?

If recipients contact you asking for a link to digital credentials that have already been sent to them, we have a handy tool to help save you and your recipients time!

The Retrieve Credentials Tool

Accredible's Retrieve Credentials Tool is a page that will fetch any credentials associated with a recipient's email address and send them links to each credential.

How to Use It

You can direct recipients from your website to this tool so that they can self-serve finding their credentials: Accredible Retrieve Credentials Tool.

Your support team can also direct recipients to this tool or enter the recipient's email address into the tools themselves to send the credential list email to the recipient.

Important Note: Your recipients will need to enter the email address that you have issued credentials to. If they report that the credential list email did not fetch the credential they were looking for, this credential will be attached to a different email address.

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