Enabling SMTP Settings for a Gmail Inbox

If you are setting up SMTP overrides to a Gmail inbox, be sure to check the following information to ensure that everything is set up on your target inbox.

Configuring Custom SMTP Settings for Gmail

  1. In your Google/Gmail account, go to Settings
  2. Select the 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP' settings
  3. Under the 'IMAP access' section, toggle on the option to 'Enable IMAP.'
  4. In your Accredible instance, click on 'Emails' at the top of your Accredible dashboard.
  5. In the left-hand sidebar menu, click on 'SMTP Overrides.'
  6. Ensure that the email address and authentication username match your Google App's email address. The password will be your Google/Gmail password if you do not have multi-factor authentication turned on.
  7. The fields in this section will need to be filled out as followed:

    Outgoing Server - smtp.gmail.com

    Port - 587

    Encryption - TLS

    Authentication - Base64 encoded

  8. Save your changes. We recommend sending yourself a test email to confirm that we're sending your emails from your custom email account. You can do this by using the 'Send Test Email' functioning on the SMTP Overrides page in Accredible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you update the login credentials for your email inbox you will need to update these in your SMTP Overrides setting within Accredible also. Failure to do so could result in your emails failing to send.

If You Have Multi-Factor Authentication Enabled for Your Google Account

If Multi-Factor authentication is enabled for your Gmail account or Google App, you will need to follow these additional points to complete the SMTP setup for your Accredible account.

  1. Navigate to your Google Account Settings Page
  2. Click on 'Security' in the left-hand side-bar menu
  3. In your security settings, locate the section named 'Signing in to Google'
  4. Click on the setting 'App passwords' to generate a new password
  5. Sign in using the email address that you are using for your target inbox
  6. On the 'App passwords' page, use the drop-down menu's to select 'Mail' as the App and 'Other (Custom name)' as the device
  7. Name your custom device 'Accredible,' then click the 'Generate' button
  8. A new app password will be generated for you. Copy this password
  9. Back in your Accredible SMTP settings, paste your new password into your 'Authentication - Password' field, replacing the password for your Gmail inbox
  10. Save your new settings and use the 'Send Test Email' function to confirm that your new SMTP settings are working.

For more information on setting an App password for accounts with multi-factor authentication, here is Google's Support article on this topic: Sign in with App Passwords.

For more information on enabling SMTP overrides for your Gmail account, here is Google's Support article on this topic: Check Gmail Through Other Platforms.

Important Notes

  • You should avoid using Port 25 if that is an option for your SMTP configuration.
  • DKIM or SPF settings you previously configured with Accredible will no longer affect delivery since emails will be sent from your server instead of Accredible's.


  • In order to keep systems healthy and safe, email hosts often limit the number of emails that can be sent in a 24 hour period.
  • This means that if you enable SMTP Overrides and issue a large batch of credentials (for example 10,000), you run the risk of the request timing out and your emails failing to send.
  • We would recommend checking the number of emails your server allows and issuing credentials in batches to remain under this limit. 

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