How Do I Configure My Spotlight Directory?

Ready to set up and enable your Spotlight Directory? This article explains how.

This feature is available on our Growth Plan.

What is the Spotlight Directory?

The Spotlight Directory is a premium feature that can be purchased as an add-on to your Accredible account. Think of it as a mini LinkedIn dedicated to your recipients.

For a more comprehensive look at the Spotlight Directory, check out our dedicated Spotlight Directory product page.

Find the Spotlight Configuration Settings

  1. Go to the 'Directories' tab at the top of the Dashboard.
  2. Select the Directory you want to edit the settings for. 

    General Settings

    Directory Name

    Input what you would like your Spotlight to be titled here.

    Directory site (Custom Domain)

    Your Spotlight needs to be connected to your custom domain in order to function properly. For more information on how to do this here is our article: Setting Up a Custom Domain

    Directory Status

    This function allows you to turn your directory ‘online’. Once all the settings for your directory have been adjusted to your preferences, enable this function in order to make your directory live.

    User Messaging & Settings

    Hidden: Recipients will not be made aware of their directory profile or have the ability to edit their profile settings.

    Visible: Recipients will be made aware of their directory profile and have the ability to edit their profile settings.

    Custom Appearance

    Here you will see the status of your Spotlight Directory's custom theme.

    Your theme is maintained by Accredible on your behalf. If you would like to make any changes to your custom directory theme, please contact your Account Manager.


    These settings define the credentials required for a user to be eligible to appear in the directory.

    Eligibility Criteria

    You have the choice of two different criteria:  

    1) Any credential from department(s)

    You can select which department(s) credentials should be included in your directory.

    2) Any of these credentials

    You can select which group(s) credentials should be included in your directory.


    Any changes to the eligibility criteria that are saved may take up to 30 minutes to be reflected in the search results of the directory.


    Search Behaviour

    These settings determine how users should be able to search on this directory.

    Displayed Search Criteria

    Use the tick boxes to determine which of the following you wish directory viewers to be able to use as search terms:

    • Member name
    • Credential
    • Location
    • Skills
    • Availability

    Searchable Credentials

    Use this setting to determine if you wish all eligible credentials to appear in search results, or credentials from specific groups only.

    Custom Attributes

    These settings allow you to add custom fields to your directory to communicate additional profile info and for use in filtering.

    Recipients will have the opportunity to provide data for these custom attributes when setting up their directory profile. To better understand how this will appear for your recipients, click here.


    Be sure to tick the 'Searchable' checkbox if you want directory viewers to be able to utilize the custom attributes for filtering credential holders.

    Example Attributes

    • Chartered Membership Number
    • Practitioner Level
    • Spoken Languages

    Custom Attribute Types

    There are four different types of attributes that can be utilised:

    Attribute Type Appearance in Directory
    Single option select
    Multi option select


    Take care when editing the LabelDescription and Option text of Custom Attributes that your changes do not alter the meaning of data that has already been collected.

    For example, changing the name of an option from Like to Dislike would completely reverse the meaning of that option. If you want to replace an option with different one, rather than editing the text of the option, delete the original option entirely and add a new one.

    Profile Visibility

    Use these settings to determine which credentials should be visible in this directory.


    For a user’s profile to be visible in the results of the directory search they must have at least one public eligible credential and have their profile set to publicly visible. If the user’s only qualifying credentials are all expired and Expired credentials is set to Hide, their profile will not be visible in the results of the directory search.

    Default Privacy

    When you issue new credentials to recipients they will be added to your Spotlight Directory. You can choose whether their directory profiles are automatically visible to the public, or whether their profiles are initially private.

    If profiles are private by default the credential holder will need to login into their profile and change this setting to make their profile public. This is your credential holder’s way of effectively opting in and out of your directory.

    You, as the issuer, decide if the profile is automatically public or private at the time the credential is issued.


    Changing the default privacy to 'public' will determine the visibility of eligible profiles moving forward.  Profiles that were created/became eligible when default privacy was set to 'private', will not automatically become visible if this setting is changed.  

    Credential Visibility

    With credentials at Accredible, it is possible for a recipient to be issued credentials from more than one issuer. If you want to exclude other issuers' credentials from your recipient’s profile, you can do so here. You can even choose to exclude credentials from other departments within your organization.

    Expired Credentials

    Determine whether or not expired credentials will appear in the directory by choosing 'Hide' or 'Show' here.

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