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Team Members & Permissions FAQs

Team Members and Permissions FAQs

How do I delete a team member?

For detailed instructions go to our article here: How Do I Delete a Team Member?

How do I edit a team member?

For information on how to edit a team members permissions, you can find this information on our article here: 'What is a Team Member? How Do I Add One?'

How many team members can I have?

Your account can have any number of team members with any permission settings you wish.

I've been blocked from accessing a feature (credentials, analytics, emails)

For more information on this subject check out our page: I am a Team Member. How Do Permissions Affect Me?

I can't see the settings or billing section.

Only admins have access to billing and certain settings. You will need to ask your account admin to either give you permission or to make the necessary changes.

My Admin has left and I don't have their password.

Please contact us at support@accredible.com.

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