The Accredible Glossary

Here are definitions for the terminology we use at Accredible.


A credential is a qualification or achievement that a person has earned, which is used to indicate their suitability or skill within a particular subject. At Accredible these credentials are visualised by issuing certificates or badges.

Some examples of credentials are:

  • University degrees
  • Completion certificate's for online courses
  • Certificate's of attendance from a conference or event
  • Certificate's for collecting a certain amount of points from a professional association. 


An Issuer through Accredible is anyone who has paid to use our platform to create, publish and manage credentials through us.

Users of Accredible who are issuers include Universities, colleges, schools, online course providers or associations, any type organisation awards credentials for an achievement.


Recipients are individuals who receive credentials from issuers from Accredible.

  • Recipients do not pay to use the Accredible platform
  • Recipients use Accredible to view, share and manage their credentials through our domain


Stakeholders are viewers of recipients' credentials who wish to verify the achievement or skill that credential is associated with.

Examples of stakeholders include employers, admissions officers, and potential customers

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