Thinkific Issuer FAQ's

Here is a list of the most common questions about the Thinkific > Accredible integration, and the answers you need.

"Do I need to buy a plan with Accredible?"

No. All certificates issued for completion of courses through Thinkific are paid for via Thinkific.

If you'd like to create additional credentials outside of the Thinkific platform then you'll need to purchase credits.

"How do I create an Accredible account through Thinkific?"

For information on how to create your Accredible account as a Thinkific user, check out are article here: Create an Accredible > Thinkific Account

"Why am I only Seeing 20 credits available in my account?"

  1. Make sure you're using the log in details that Thinkific have generated for you. These log in details are the key to the integration working and to you getting you free credits. Click here to see how to access your correct log in details.
  2. If you are using the correct account, don't worry about the 20 credit limit displayed on your Dashboard. As a Thinkific issuer you have the ability to issue an unlimited number of credentials through the Thinkific integration. The 20 credits you see in your account are the complementary testing credits every account has after setup.

"Can I issue unlimited certificates directly from my Accredible account?"

No. In order to make use of the unlimited issuing capability you will need to issue credentials through the Thinkific integration. You cannot issue unlimited credentials directly from the Accredible account.

"How do I link Thinkific courses to Accredible groups?"

For information on how to link Thinkific courses to  your Accredible account, check out are article here: Link Thinkific Courses to Accredible Groups

"I already have an Accredible account, can't I link that to Thinkific?"

Unfortunately, no. Because of the way the integration needs to be set up you will need to use a Thinkific generated Accredible account. Otherwise you will not be able to publish credentials thorough us automatically, nor will you have the capacity to published unlimited credentials.

"Why aren't my Thinkific students receiving their certificates?"

For help troubleshooting delivery issuers to Thinkific students, check out are article here: Thinkific - Why aren't My Students Receiving Their Credentials?

"How many certificate designs can I create?"

There is no limit to the number of certificate designs you can create and use. The number of designs you have in your account does not affect your account's pricing.

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