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Understanding the Influencers Page

This article will help you understand the influencers page on your Insights Dashboard.

Please note the Influencers feature is available only for issuers on a Growth Plan.

The Influencers Page

This page delivers information on which recipients have created the most engagement by sharing their credentials on social media platforms. Ways to use this data include: 
  • Offering coupons or freebies to top influencers in exchange for sharing
  • Responding to top posts to create more engagement
  • Offering discount codes that top influencers can share with their channels

What is an Influencer?

Influencers are website users that drive the most traffic to your website. See this GetSocial help doc for more information.

What does 'Group' refer to?

The influencer has shared a specific credential that belongs to this unique Accredible group. 

What does 'Views' refer to?

This is a count of the number of views of a credential resulting from this credential being shared across 1+ social platforms. 

What does 'Platforms' refer to?

This represents the social media platforms that the specific credential was shared to. 

Can I filter this page?

You have the ability to filter this list by group, date range, and social media channel.
Can I export this page?

You have the option to export this data as a CSV or PDF using the 'export' button in the top right-hand corner of the page. 


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