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Understanding My Learning Page

The Learner Page is a page that will list all of the Pathways that recipient is enrolled in.

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 10.16.49 PM

To view this page, the recipient will need to be signed into their credential.net account and be enrolled in a Pathway. Once signed in, in the top navigation bar you will select 'My Learning'.

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 10.33.28 PM

Each Pathway will show:

The issuer, name and description of the Pathway. The Name can be click to view the entire Pathway.


It will also display the Percentage of the Pathway that the recipient has completed. Along with the next credential to earn and how many required credentials are left.
Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 10.39.03 PM

Don’t see a Pathway? If you have Pathways from multiple issuers, an issuers domain settings may have external Pathways hidden. You will want to sign in directly through credential.net to view all your Pathways.

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