Can I Upload and Use a Custom Font?

If you would like to use your own custom font, here's how you achieve that.

Accredible supports the use of custom fonts so that you can achieve brand continuity through your entire credentialing experience. To use custom fonts, there are some specific requirements Accredible needs from you to integrate your custom fonts to our website, so they work and be included in your licensing so that we are allowed to use your custom font. 

Important Note:
  • Paid Custom fonts are only available for accounts with the Growth Plan.
  • Free Custom fonts are available for issuers on a Launch, Connect, or Growth Plan. 

From you, Accredible Needs:

A Version of the Font on a Web Server


We need another website to supply fonts in the right format to load properly in viewers’ internet browsers.

Can’t you use the font files I have on my computer?

No, they are not in the right format to load properly on a webpage.

What if I don’t have a web version of a font?

Whichever company you have purchased your font license from should also provide this version of the font for use.

Include Accredible’s Website in Your Paid Font License


Using fonts you pay for without permission from the font owner may land you and/or Accredible in legal trouble.

Will my license for X number of computers work?

No, Accredible can’t count as 1 computer because we may show your font to thousands of users.

What kind of font license do I need to be able to include Accredible?

Depending on the company you purchase your license from, you need a Web Font, Web Site, or Server license. These are common names to describe licenses for serving fonts to multiple websites/applications or up to a number of web page views.

A Setup Fee

For a custom font to be included on Accredible for use in certificate designs, we charge a $500 setup fee.


We need to add specific code to ensure that your font loads properly on Accredible pages, and only for your organization, not any of our other issuers (which could cause licensing issues).

Important: We do not apply any testing to custom fonts, therefore you as the issuer are fully responsible for its suitability and appearance.

What if I Have a Free-to-Use Font?

Web Server Font

Common free font services like Google Fonts will still provide this option.

No License Amendments

If there is no license required, it’s not needed to add Accredible.

No Setup Fee

We are set up to include free web fonts into our list of default fonts used on Accredible.

What Do I Do Next?

To speak to arrange setting up your custom font, contact us at Customer Support.

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