Can I Upload and Use a Custom Font?

If you would like to use your own custom font, here's how you achieve that.

Legal Right to Use a Custom Font

We have the ability to add custom fonts to Accredible. However, to do this we will need to purchase the proper licensing in order to host the font. If we do not have the proper license and legal right to host a custom font we would be in breach of copyright. Even if you are the owner of the custom font and agree to let us use it, this is not legal and is still deemed as copyright infringement.

For this reason, we charge $500 per custom font added to Accredible in order to procure the necessary licenses.

Alternatively, we can add most Google Fonts to your account free of charge.

Required Font Files

After procuring the correct licensing we can then proceed with adding your custom font, to do this we will need all of the following file formats for your font:

  • .eot
  • .otf
  • .svg
  • .ttf

We need all of these to make sure the font works for all users (namely your recipients and anyone viewing their credentials) regardless of their operating system or browser.


Important: we do not apply any testing to custom fonts, therefore you as the issuer are fully responsible for its suitability and appearance.


To speak to someone about setting up your custom font, contact us at Customer Support.


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