Why Does My Uploaded Credential say 'Unverified'?

If you have a Credential Wallet and want to upload credentials you've earned outside of Accredible, you can do this. However, there are some things to keep in mind.

Accredible has recently added the ability for credential-holders to upload credentials created outside of our systems, such as university diplomas, certificates of achievement, and professional training certificates. This enables people to easily share curate all of their credentials in one place and enjoy the benefits of having a digital version of their hard copy credentials.

The Unverified Warning

All certificates and badges created through Accredible are verified through their email and web domains, so we can vouch for their validity. If you manually upload a credential that was created outside of our system, Accredible can't say whether or not the credential is valid. 

We are in the process of working on ways to verify these user-uploaded credentials. However we unable to do so at this current moment in time, which is why user uploaded credentials will have the 'Unverified' badge on them.

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Why is the 'Unverified' Badge so Prominent?

As an important source of verification and validity for Digital Credentials, one of Accredible's primary responsibilities is to be able to identify and vouch for valid credentials. Therefore we are required to clearly identify credentials that we are not able to verify.

How do I Check the Validity of a Credential?

To find out how to check the validity of your credential you can check out our article here.

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