What Happens If I Don't Purchase Another Subscription?

If you decide not to purchase another subscription when your current subscription ends, this is what happens to your account and the credentials you've issued.

Can I Still Access My Account?

Yes, you will still have access to your account to manage the credentials you have already published.

What Happens to the Credentials?

All of the credentials currently published on your account will remain active for your recipients to use and for you to manage. They are not deleted, and your recipients will not lose access to them.

Your credential recipients will always be able to access a certificate they have received. Even if you stop paying for your Accredible account, your credential data will be preserved if you come back to your account at some point in the future and maintain support for your current credential holders.

What Happens When My Current Subscription Ends?

If your subscription ends and is not replaced with a new one, you will no longer be able to issue any new credentials.
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