How do I Improve Recommendations Quality Using Categories?

Issuers should make sure that their settings are as accurate as possible to get recommended in relevant cases.

Default Category & Group Category

Rather than add a category to each course in group settings, visit your General Settings page. Select the drop-down menu and select a category under Skill Category. What you choose will apply to any new courses you add automatically.  

You may notice that Accredible’s categories have changed. Accredible is aligning its categorization to reflect standard terminology in workforce development.


Question: Will adding a category change my current course settings?
Answer: No. Your existing group settings will continue to reflect your original selection.  

Group Settings

Recommendations matching and visibility is based on group-level information like skills, category, and description. In order to get the most out of Recommendations (and CourseFinder), you should ensure your group info is up to date.

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