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Where Can I Find Featured and Trending Courses on CourseFinder?

Not sure where to look for your next career enhancement? Accredible's Featured and Trending Courses on CourseFinder connect you with credentials that are preferred and trusted.

How can CourseFinder help me enhance my career?

Accredible has issued over 41 million credentials to individuals focused on career, personal, or higher education goals. Each credential has an associated course or professional association (examples:  Association of Corporate Treasurers, Australian Marketing Institute, or National Exercise Trainers Association). With CourseFinder, you can access the same courses, micro-credentials, certificates, collections, licenses, and degrees that have helped other individuals go from learner to earner.  

How can I find the most in-demand skills?

With CourseFinder, there are multiple ways to find courses or professional associations that match your aspirations. For example, if you are interested in marketing, select the Marketing and Sales Category. Or, you can get even more specific by looking at a Course Provider or desired skill. However you search, Accredible ranks your results with the most popular courses at the top.  

And now, we have two new ways to help you find in-demand courses that might not (but maybe should) be on your radar:  featured and trending courses.

What are Featured courses?

CourseFinder visitors will notice that some cards have extra details. What’s different? Featured courses appear at the top of all search results (*Featured). What makes them special? Accredible partners with many successful course providers and professional associations. These featured partners extend their programs to individuals who may benefit from their program or association.  

Card (1)

What are Trending courses?

The World Economic Forum predicts that 97M new professional roles will be created from 2020 through 2025. That means students and learners have to acquire new skills to be eligible for new jobs, professions, and leadership positions. CourseFinder plays an important role in helping today’s students and workers meet the demand for tomorrow’s jobs. How?  Accredible monitors the changing workforce landscape.

Once you are on CourseFinder, scroll down past the ten courses we present in your search to see the Trending Courses scroll. You will find the most sought-after credentialed programs in Business and Analytics, Marketing and Sales, Technology, Personal Development, and career categories.

Not sure if a course is for you? Save it for future consideration or sign-up.

How do I save a course?

If you search CourseFinder, find an interesting class or program but are short on time, don’t worry. It’s easy to save a course with one click and revisit it later. How? Look at the bottom right-hand corner of a card to locate an unfilled heart. You may or may not see a number next to the heart. The number tells you how many other individuals saved the course. Next, click the heart until it turns solid. Your course is now saved.

Card - Liked

Where can I find my saved courses?

  1. Select your profile icon at the top right-hand corner of CourseFinder.   You will see a few options. Select Favorite courses.  Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 2.54.09 PM
  2. Once on your favorites page, you will find all the courses you saved.Favorite Courses-1

How can I remove a saved course?

Priorities and interests change over time. Your list of favorite courses should reflect your current interests. If a course is no longer relevant, you can remove it by clicking the heart icon or selecting the ‘X’ to the right of the course. You must be viewing Favorite Courses on the desktop to see the ‘X’. The course will disappear from your favorites once you select a solid heart or the ‘X’.

What if I remove a saved course by accident?

A small banner appears when you remove a saved course with the message, “Course is no longer saved. Undo.”  Select the Undo link to have your course reappear among your favorites.

Do I need to have an Accredible account to save a course?

Yes, in order for Accredible to personalize your Favorite Courses page, you will need to create an account.  

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