Why Do Private Credentials Show a 404 When Shared?

If your credential's visibility is set to private, anyone trying to view it will see a 404. This article explains why.

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When Does a 404 Error Message Appear?

Your issuer will publish your credential as either public or private by default. You can then change the visibility of your credential at any point. 

However, if you set your credential to private anyone who attempts to view your credential will see the error message displayed below. This includes:

  • individuals you have shared your credential URL with
  • individuals clicking on links on social media (including LinkedIn)
  • yourself if you try to view your credential without logging in

Why Is It a 404 and Not a Message Explaining the Credential Is Private?

Recipients' privacy matters to Accredible.  If a recipient has chosen to make their credential private, we want to ensure their right to privacy is respected. 

If Accredible was to inform viewers that a credential exists, even when the credential is private, we may be giving away more information that the recipient wants! While it might appear strange, displaying a 404 is the best way to maintain recipients' privacy. 

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