How Do I Issue a Batch Of Credentials?

Congratulations! If you've followed our Quick Start Guides so far you are ready to start creating and publishing credentials.

Choose Your Upload Method

There are two methods for uploading data to the Accredible Dashboard in order to create credentials. Choose the one that best suits the number of credentials you are trying to issue.


Suitable for creating small numbers of credentials, ie. between one and ten. This will require manually inputting the data for each of your recipients. If you have a small number of credentials you want to create but there are a large number of attributes on the certificate design we recommend using the 'Uploading Spreadsheet' method. For guidance on how to upload manually, click here.

Uploading Spreadsheet

Suitable for large numbers of credentials. This will allow you to upload your data using an XLS or CSV spreadsheet. For guidance on how to upload using a spreadsheet, click here.

Using an Integration

You can also create and publish credentials automatically through integrations with leading LMSs and publishing tools like Canvas and Moodle. Click here to see a list of established integrations that you can use. 

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